About Milimagfa

Milimagfa is a crochet and knitting blog for passionate crocheters and knitters, featuring original crochet and knitting handicrafts and unique patterns by Lyubava from Cyprus/Europe, with 10 years of experience for selling crochet patterns and finished products on 5* Etsy shops.

“Milimagfa” is a unique original Brand Name created by Lyubava and dedicated to her family, where her love for crochet and knitting was born!

Original Crochet Patterns & Knitwear Designs by Milimagfa™ available on

Etsy, Ravelry and LoveCrafts.

Crochet and knitting work by Milimagfa could be your inspiration.

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Thank you for visiting.

Best wishes from the sunny island of Cyprus.

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Please let me know if you spot any mistakes or omissions, or broken links… English is not my native language, I’m not a computer designer, I am just a clever girl and running this site alone. 🙂 Thank you.

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